the act of recharging either a battery or your own energies. especially fun to use due to it sounding similar to r-t-rdation.
1. guy 1 “my cell is almost dead”, guy 2 “better get your rechargation on”

2. guy 1″i am taking a break from blogging. i need to rest and recharge my creative juices.”, guy 2 “enjoy your rest and rechargation!”

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  • recmode

    when an artist singer or rapper records 24/7 non-stop, no sleep time, no rest time, no phone time, and does nothing but record. im just tryin to do me dawg ain’t got time to sleep bro 24/7 on the mic i call it recmode

  • sporing

    sporing is a portemanteau of spore and boring. it is an adjective used to emphasize unparalleled boredom, like that experienced by sophisticated gamers who try to play maxis’s evolution simulation. i tried to alphabetize all the streets in new york city but it was way too sporing.

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    it means to keep quiet. not making or accompanied by any sound danu fhumula ni litshe u ita phosha. silence (fhumulani) – the absence of sound; “he needed silence in order to sleep” please silence (fhumulani) the children in the church!

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