to be always recognized by those from your past; to have people remember you
they remembered me because of my great pranks.

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    when a female didn’t wipe too well, then someone f-cks her doggy style. as the -ss is bouncin, the resulting sh-t stain on the male pelvis is a dirty hershey kiss. “man, it was going great, till she got on all fours and gave me a dirty hershey kiss”

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    go b-tch ahhhh, this motherf-ckers takin forever. its a green light, vete la chingada

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    issa movememt based on s-xual ideas made from teenagers in the golden triangle texas 45 not 5, issa movement

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    noun: suvack (singl.), suvacks (pl.) “soo-vack” term is being used especially on internet image boards. it is an english version of the finnish pejorative word ‘suvakki’. suvack is a person who claims to be tolerant to all people regardless of their background. usually suvack supports liberal or leftist political groups. it is also very common […]

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