a backwards b-n-r. a dude who is just stupid. dose stupid sh-t and needs to get beat the f-ck up
that dude is a complete ren-b
an occourance when a man is so revolted that even his p-n-s cowers in fear, hiding from its object of horror.
that girl is so ugly, i get a ren-b just thinking about her.
when the p-n-s goes from erect to flacid in a very sudden fasion. usually has a slight stinging feeling in the head of the p-n-s during the shrinkage(similar to the feeling of recieving blue b-lls). can occur at the sight, smell, touch or sound of something unatrractive.
dude, she had so much hair in her b-tt hole that i got the worst ren-b of my life.
a)it’s b-n-r spelled backwards. refers to a dumb-ss. usually used after someone does or says something stupid.

b)an erect p-n-s
dan you ren-b!! there is no such thing as a off-suite flush.

matt had a ren-b after looking at caitlen.
something you get when you see a rather unattractive female. an inverted b-n-r, if you would. or perhaps a negative hard on.
“wow, did you see that ugly -ss b-tch with no t-ts? she totally gave me a ren-b.
(b-n-r spelled backwards) anything related to a b-n-r or erection.
look at that douche evan, he is such a ren-b.
it’s b-n-r spelt backwards. a limp p-n-s. a very ugly person, causing a man’s p-n-s go limp. a stupid person.
robbie has a ren-b.
you’re such a ren-b.
oh my gosh don’t look at the girl she will give you a ren-b!!!
b-n-r spelled backwards. similar to being turtled, a ren-b is when one’s b-n-r becomes un-erect, or limp, usually caused by seeing or hearing something vulgar or disgusting.
guy 1: did you see the new miley cyrus photo-shoot?

guy 2: yeah, i was getting ready for a fun night and totally got a ren-b.

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