a large, highly intelligent purple dragon like creature in the metroid games. he has appeared in every metroid game besides metroid ii and metroid prime 2. he is highly intelligant and is a war strategy genoius. there is some debate as to weather he is a creation of the sp-ce pirate forces, controlled by the mother brian, or if he is himself the leader of the pirate forces. a robotic version of ridley was built and dubbed “mecha-ridley” while his remains where repaired with cybernetic enhancements such as stinger missle lauchers, force feild powered wings, enhanced alloy armor, and mouth emmited laser beam, in this form he was called “meta-ridley”. in metroid fusion his frozen remains where posessed by an x-parasite and he became a larger bulkier creature known as “x-ridley”.
meta ridley in metroid prime was so freakin hard to kill!
ridley is too big to appear in super smash bros. brawl.
ridley is too big for brawl.
the clickiest town is the delaware valley, where “who you know” and your political affiliation (put democrat on your voting registration and basically commit career suicide!) gets you a good position within the town, as opposed to “what you know” and your actual expertise. the home to the most racist and stuck up people who have s-x and raise even more racist and stuck up people. once called “a little strip of heaven” by some fatty, ridley takes pride is its mediocre, at best, sports teams and fake sense of community. home to the most racist and bigoted police department in the entire nation, filled often with corrupt cops. not without its poorer folk who are looked down upon and mocked, especially those from the area known as leedom estates. not all our parents were friends in high school, and not all our parents are friends now. in conclusion, there is an underground world in ridley of the proud pot smoking, beer drinking, hard working individuals who raise their children to expect more from the world than what the fairy tale lore of ridley has to offer. this underground does not bleed green, they bleed red just like the rest of the world, because they don’t consider themselves “too good” to bleed some other, superior color. finally, to the douche bag’s who posted the previous definition of ridley, you are mistaken about the condition of ridley, simply because you were shielded from the truth and are too d-mn spoiled and sheltered to understand reality.
i would never consider raising my children in the h-ll whole they call ridley.

ridley football was never that good. i think they may have gone to two championships in the last 50 years.

oh, that girl’s from ridley? she must be a wh-r- who would rather look pretty than use even a fraction of her brain.

the act of spontaneously combusting while coming into contact with another human of larger stature. symptoms include: stroke like behavior , convulsions, and dropping of whatever item you are holding while doing the splits.
this chick b-mped in to me at starbucks so i did the ridley and spilled hot coffee all over myself and surrounding patrons while tearing my hamstring
a diseased looking male genitalia. often b-mpy, gray, appearing to hold water weight, and smelling like rotting almonds. all symptoms of the excessive amounts of puss local to the area.
the man’s p-n-s was ridley because he liked cheap women. lot’s of them.
we are a town in southern pa that bleeds green. delco to be exact. very sports oriented. however, you find all walks of life that are or are not welcomed every where around. most likely, you will find people who yell too loud, are too opinionated, drink alot, and are d-mn proud of where they came from. ridley is not a town, it is who you are. good or bad – we take it. the ridley people you meet have been friends with their friends forever – and nothing will come between that. and their parents have been friends with their friends… you get the point. we dont joke around – we have pride and are very loyal and very “spirited.”
oh, you’re a ridley girl? you can drink!

my roomate was from ridley, and is friends are the biggest -ss holes – but great guys!

i knew some ridley guys – they dont joke around.

short for, or a combination of, ridiculously and really.
your new pet majungasaurus is ridley cute!

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