woman/man who is strong, beautiful on the inside and out; fun-loving, loves to tell stories, strong willed or stubborn; full of life and energy; compet-tive; go-getter; loves the outdoors; loyal to true friends; goes out of her/his way to help others; has a nurturing personality to take care of others; well-rounded individual;
riki is an athlete; military veteran; nurse; outdoorsman;
1. a guy name
2. a rapper at heart (young kuya!)
3. canada-fini-merican cuh-nay-duh-fin-uh-mare-ican
4. rob dyrdek finatic
5. can’t think of a 5
6. the guy who taught the old spice and dos equis guys everything they know
7. the only person who thinks 6 is true
person 1: riki is so cool
person 2: who?
person 1:…f off
shy guy who is shy. he’s a miztezo(half american and filipino). he thinks pnays r hotter then white girls. but white girls ok with him!
riki is a cool guy, but he’s too shy!
she be a girl that lives in canada. she has reddish brown hair and blue eyes. her favourite color is pink and likes to do her make up. sum ppl think she is an easy wh-r-….but wat does she say to them….f-ck off u c-nt sleeze bag. she is usually quite a nice lil girl just dont p-ss her off. she loves you and wants to be ur friend. kiss kiss nite
“wow that girl looks like riki!”
aka riki maraton

this is a rare find! being very difficult to spot in a crowd due to a
noticable lack of height and stumpy appearance, this animal is clearly distinguishable by
its slanted, slit-like eyes and a yellowish tinge to throughout its
mangey coat.

this vervin’s antics are only identified upon forced entry to a
commonly known female-orofice, which is adopted in an exceptionally
casual manner. this is regularly known as “issuing a bit of the riki-maraton”.
the getaway is this creatures remarkable talent, it is often found sliding
uphill draggin its prey, like a “6-pack zamalegs”, to a more suitable mating location. a smirk is also
visible on this brutes face upon leaving the scene.

both mothers and daughters beware. the creature can be deterred by uttering the words…”i want to be your
girlfriend” into the animals ear….if you can bend that far down. be forewarned, whilst down there the sneaky
b-gg-r will attempt to coax you into oral stimulation even after it has decided to cut it’s losses and flee.

it seems to inject some venemous mind-altering substance which actually encourage
further interatcion with the creature, as for some reason, the prey keeps returning
to endure more torture. once it has toyed enough and sucked the life out of its victim,
the riki will move on to another unsuspecting female.

be warned….this p-ssy-cat looks nice to stroke, but upon engagement it heads straight for the crotch.
once it has struk, the victim keels over and the riki has his way from behind. definite h-m-s-xuality problems here.
if this creature tried to befriend you…disown it.

regularly seen with the milli-hyena. they tend to forge a relationship upon hunting. when unsucessful for too long
they have been known to turn on each other. not a pretty sight.
riki slipped her a riki-maraton
pulling a riki. when you go out to bar to drink alone and don’t tell your friends.
friend 1:”i went out last night and got drunk”
friend 2:”why didn’t you tell us? you pulled a riki again”

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