the -n-s or r-ct-m.
lick my ring.
the act of calling somebody on a telephone. derived of the sound the telephone makes when somebody is calling it.
yo man, give me a ring when you get home.
we wants it, we needs it.
we must have the precious ring.
they stole it from us.
sneaky little editorses.
wicked, tricksy, false!
that part of the -rs- that is favoured by the -rs-bandit
i had a curry last night and my ring is now on fire
a piece of jewelry one wears on their finger. also a word urban dictionary kids use as an excuse to write something completely unrelated to the word. see: s-xual.
“hey guys! let’s write a completely s-xual definition of a word that isn’t s-xual such as ring!”

other example: curtains: wow, i could f-ck you by those curtains.
ring around your -ss
let me get that ring
to ring is when puts saliva on a joint when its running in order to let the non-running part of a joint catch up, keeping a nice burn.
man, the j’s got a run, ring that sh-t

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