the ultimate in perfection. a beautiful, intelligent, s-xy and successful person that you can’t help but want to be with all the time.
sh-t, i want rita so bad but she seems to be to good for me.
a girl who is amazing and just all around dope. a rita is usually h-lla hott.
d-mn, rita got it goin’ on.
hurricane rita hit south florida and the florida keys as a category 2 storm on september 20, 2005, just weeks after the devastation of hurricane katrina. as it moved away from florida, rita became category 5. after weakening, rita came ash-r- again september 24, 2005, near port arthur, texas, as a category 3.

by comparison, rita was a much weaker storm than hurricane katrina.
you survived hurricane rita?? that’s nothing! i survived hurricane katrina!!
rita is a hot russian girl that everyone likes! she is smart, nice, a dimepiece, and a great singer. rita is also s-xy as h-ll!
guy 1: dude rita is a babe!
guy 2: yeah, too bad she’s taken.
for h-m-s-xuals in hawaii, rita means to smoke weed.
mary, we go rita!
rita – another name/term for a beautiful women in her 50’s!
d-mn dude! look at that rita over there!
rita is a code word for ritalin. used in public or on the phone when illegal activity shouldn’t be discussed.
i’m gonna meet rita in an hour. do you wanna meet up w/us? code for “i’m picking up my ritalin, do you want any?”

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