a well known male who’s liked by pretty much everyone, and pr-ne to jealousy from haters. he’s able to make friends and lovers easily, but gets haters just as.he is gorgeous to the maximum, intelligent,fun to talk to, easy to befriend and is greatly supportive. he’s understanding and probably wouldn’t judge you that easily(just don’t be an idiot). he’s caring,generally kind to all who encounter him and leaves no groupie unattended to. rizaan is the adonis of the male world, he’s the alpha male, the main man. this man is a million times better than any john,matthew or d-ck(richard).a rizaan can laugh in the face of danger(but not if that danger is stomach pain). a rizaan has his zombie survival plan all worked out and he knows who he’s saving.he’s perfect best friend material.

although the name rizaan can’t be defined in any baby name book or website, rizaan defines his name for himself.
boyfriend: look, it’s rizaan! i wish i was like him…
girlfriend: sigh….i wish you were like him too.

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