when your playing roblox and someone is being a stupid -ss and bother the living h-ll outta you
all this robloxhead-ssery finna get ya killed

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    a pretentious way of writing and/or spelling ‘yolo.’ used by those prentending to be trendy. me: should i buy these mickey mouse sungl-sses? friend: they’re for little kids! you’re too old for them. me: they’re only $10. i’m getting them, yeauxleaux!

  • orfy

    an anagram for the phrase “oh really? f-ck you.” text from frenemy : you dyed your hair again, that’s a b-mmer, you don’t look good as a blonde, i preferred the black. reply sent back: orfy b-tch. when autocorrect screws you over. we all went back to my place afterwards and had an orfy.

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