rocket man

a person who is a user and dealer of illegal drugs. he may be able to control his use to a degree that allows him to function socially, however he does use regularly . his only “job” is selling drugs.
eli is a real rocket man. he has anything you want.
an awesome song, written by elton john and bernie taupin, and performed by elton john. it was also performed by william shatner as a spoken-word interpretation. shatner’s performance has recieved a couple of parodies, the most famous probably being done by stewie, in the cartoon family guy.
and i’m gonna be…… -puffs cigarette-… high… as a kite….. by then.
commonly known for getting messages in his inbox for m2m (man to man) action.
pm rocketman for hawt m2m action!
when a person gets high by themselves for the sake of being high.
dude last night i only had a little weed left so i just stayed home.
“you stoner”
na, i’m just a rocket man
rocketman – verb; noun; rocketman refers to taking a sh-t.

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