the extreme pleasure bae gets after initial penetration
wow bae you really gave me a rockgasm last night.
the estatic feelings one achieves when rock music and emotion intertwine resulting in extreme pleasure to the cerebrum and the genitalia
holy sh-t i just got a huge rockgasm and wet myself listening to rns!!!!
an -rg-sm occurring when listening to a face melting song. only the genres of rock, blues, funk, and soul have the amount of s-x power to make one achieve this greatest pleasure!
listen to eric clapton’s godly guitar, robert plant’s explosive vocals, jimmy page’s epic grooves, jimi hendrix’ wailing guitar, pete townshend’s loud guitar roars, roger daltrey’s screams, jim morrison’s poetic lyrics, etc. you will achieve a rockgasm and you will beg for more.
a spontaneous, uncontrollable rush of emotion and joy experienced while listening to rock and roll music, especially heavy metal. will likely be accompanied by screaming “roooooocckkk” while making the “sign of the horns/fist of metal” and/or furious headbanging. note: the rockgasm may or may not be accompanied by an actual -rg-sm. may also be used as a verb.
dude, i just had a rockgasm while listening to tenacious d!

oh man, i just rockgasmed hardcore to steel panther and now i have to change my shorts.
the -rg-smic feelings one gets when hearing the perfect rock song hit them just right
when eric clapton hit that solo in sunshine of your love, i think i had a rockgasm

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