when in amidst a compet-tion match, or ready-up for a game to start, members of the other team stall for extended periods of time due to being afk. in essance, they are prolly masturbating instead of being present in the game.
our entire team is r^ (ready-up), while none of their team is!

this is why you dont roflbate during the d-mn match!!
to “roflbate” is to “rofl” (rolling on the floor laughing) while masturbating. you can either start masturbating then begin rolling on the floor or you can begin rolling on the floor then start masturbating.

you must always start rolling before you climax and you must always m-st-rb-t- until climax.
“oh my g-d! lock the door when you’re roflbating, jesus christ! i can’t believe i walked into you mid-roflbate, gross.”

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