i bought a small box of rspb for 4 dollars.

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  • nist

    /nīst/ˈ noun. a person who believes that they don’t have to try and rejects all ethic and moral principles. synonyms – nissnest, chase. stop being a nist, you little ol bean. someone who fails to comprehend the now dj wake up and stop being a nist, go make some cold calls.

  • peg the pig

    a pig that is similar to peppa pig and she’s code for halle and cam made it up and it’s just really stupid hey look it’s peg the pig! she’s ugly. smh

  • tinki

    that loud gujju woman she is such a tinki!

  • mean dill cuty

    the bdsm act where the female restrains the male and procides to beat his genitals with a dill pickle until said genitals fall off stay away from ashley, she’s into mean dill cuty.

  • bread*ss

    a person with a lot of money (usually their parent’s money) who spend it carelessly to show off. hey man you want me to pick you up from the airport? nah i’ll just uber f-ckinging bread-ss

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