that loud gujju woman
she is such a tinki!

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  • mean dill cuty

    the bdsm act where the female restrains the male and procides to beat his genitals with a dill pickle until said genitals fall off stay away from ashley, she’s into mean dill cuty.

  • bread*ss

    a person with a lot of money (usually their parent’s money) who spend it carelessly to show off. hey man you want me to pick you up from the airport? nah i’ll just uber f-ckinging bread-ss

  • thistill

    some really thirsty hoe dude, i pulled myself a thistill last night, she was so thirsty my banjo snapped

  • weekstend

    when your weekend is so awesome that it gets extended screw going to work on monday, i’m totally going to weekstend!

  • mexican teapot

    the act of inserting your p-n-s into your spouse’s mouth, urinating i to the sealed mouth cavity until urine pours out of their nose. my legs got soaked after giving helen a mexican teapot

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