rumer is usually a name for a really unique and different, but weird girl or boy. always silly and stupid but knows how to have fun. very pretty lovable trustworthy but also mean. friends with almost everyone.
ashely : hey what’s that girls name i met he but forgot to ask?

arinna: oh thats rumer.

ashely: oh she is really nice i like her although she seems really different.
rumer: the act of licking out an -ss of a partner. similar to a rimmer, which is the act of licking the -n-s of your partner. but what separates the rumer from the rimmer is that the partner who does the licking has a mouth full of jelly. i have found that strawberry works the best, but flavor is based on preference.
john gave me a rumer in the bathroom of the organic market with some newly bought peach jam.

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