a legend that has not become a legend yet.
i feel like a runatsuki sometimes.

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  • double easter

    when you stick a peep in her front and a cadbury egg in her back. i gave her a double easter for good friday

  • boom bing

    fake, wack my mom went to the store and bought me fake tims. and i said, “mom, these sh-ts is boom bing.”

  • dead stare

    an expression that, by the appearance of a person’s eyes, is strictly intended to reveal no emotional reaction whatsoever, either 1. in a game (of poker, or any game where concealing emotion is crucial); or 2. when questioned about an incident/problem/subject or topic, to mask possible indicators of deception or deliberate/intentional untruthfulness; as the person(s) […]

  • yogurt ropes

    that string that hangs off her face after you bust on it. person 1: was tammy hanging out with spiderman last night her something? person 2: no that was me, i gave her yogurt ropes.

  • scaboouy

    the act of shoving a boouy up your -ss sharen stop scaboouying you sick freak

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