a big time rush fan. most likely obsessed
that rusher is too obsessed for her own good
a dedicated big time rush fan. one of the sweetest fanbases next to arianators and lovatics! they aren’t just a fanbase, they are a family. they stick together! if you mess with a rusher you are bound to get insulted in 1,000 ways!
she’s such a dedicated rusher!

don’t mess with her, she’s a rusher.

boy rushers are all amazing, it should be illegal!
one who on a fps attacks and tries to kill the enemy and either get to the obj or eliminating the enemy within the first 30 seconds of the game. similar to “going commando” or “going rambo”
omfg! its the 5th time the [email protected]#$ing rusher killed me!

omfg! learn how to play!
a rapper who raps at excessively fast speeds. most rappers have bursts of speed in certain points in a song, but aren’t considered rushers unless they can, or do sustain that speed for their whole time in the song.
“man… twista is such a rusher in the song ‘lets go’, i need to slow that down to understand wtf he is saying.”
a group of people who dedicate their lives to bullsh-t.
“do something with your life, stop being a rushers”
“is that rusher behavior contagious”
“i turned into a hobo because of my rusher lifestyle”

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