r.u.s.t. acronym (really undeniable serious talk)

a term used when expressing agreement with other persons/objects/ideas
person 1: let’s go to the park and rave
person 2: rust.

person 1: i’m effing hungry bro, i’m down for some pizza hut.
person 2: rust.
a hand(two hole cards)in texas holdem (a poker game)that is a statistical underdog to all other hands including statistical ties and excluding hands composed of the exact same ranks. the etymology is from “nuts” – the best possible hand.


a) 2h-4h on a flop of 3h-jc-jd

b) ac-as on a board of 10c-jd-qd-kd-ad

c) 6h-8h on a board of ac-2c-3c-5c-7d
“he bluffed me out of the pot on the river and showed the rust.”
also known as mexican rust or mexican mud or mexican tar; very impure form of injectable heroin. the drug is often an unorganized mix of opiate plant-based substances. the drugs derived typically go uncleaned due to the harm water can do to the active ingredient diacetylmorphine (the agent that gets the user high). the substance is extremely thick by injectable substance standards, and often causes veins to explode during injection.

rust was first spotted in ecuador, but is believed to have been first produced in mexico, due to the combination of substances in the drug being native only to the mexican swamps. ciudad juárez, mexico is the leading exporter of rust, at about 65% of the entire market. second is são paulo , brazil, with around 17% of the market.

rust is sold exclusively in injectable form, and is sold by the gram. where as high-quality heroin sells for about $200/gram, rust sells for about $55/gram.
raul – “i heard cortez got arrested the other day. heard he was selling rust by sheepshead bay.”
tommy – “i heard the same. police are cracking down on that sh-t, vato.”
residue stuck to the base of the p-n-s and t-st-cl-s after intercourse with a girl on her period.
after banging erin’s bl–dy cooch, jon looked down and noticed rust on his junk.
what occurs when a particularly unclean person lies in a bed and a residue is left behind made up of mud and general dirt picked up since their last wash
i changed this sheet yesterday and now jeremy rusted it all up i’ll have to change it again
the skins on the outside of peanuts (not the sh-ll, the skin) can be used when no weed is readily available, gives a small relaxing buzz, espically when dried out
dude you wanna go somke some rust

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