rybar, owner of black pearl atms a nice and sweet guy. always happy – day and night – like to help you when you have a little or big problem. friendly? more then that!! it’s not a yolo moment when u talk to him the sweet way 🙂 =is the best way in my opinion.
rybar: awesome, friendly, etc..
noun or adjective

1. a rybar is an -sshole owner or member of any particular group that thinks they know everthing. they are usually administrators or moderaters of chat rooms.

2. a rybar is also a particular s-xual deviant that loves s & m, being tied up, and other sicko s-xual dutch acts. a lover of sicko fantasies and brutalities but still a church going person.
1. fanis: “i think that evil monkey is rybar”

louis: “why would you say that?”

fanis: “he’s a d-mn pervert!”

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