the hottest, sweetest, most energetic person ever. you’d be lucky to have her as a friend. she is an amazing person and will get all the guys to fall in love with her. she’s just amazing.
“wow, that girl is so sweet and hot!”
“dude i know. her name is sahia”

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  • im a boss

    a phrase that people used because they are the better than some people,to show that they are cool and better. y-ssine:i finished the test first and got full mark.100% fam. guy:stop begging man. y-ssine:it’s not called being a beg,its just that i’m a boss.

  • grimiss

    when a chick is giving a bl-w j-b or a hard job and stops right when the dude starts to c-m.causes a grimiss. that b-tch hilary clinton was sucking me off and pulled a grimiss,

  • sleepzure

    when you sleep and start kicking around and sometimes make weird noises. this is often because of your dream or nightmare. sleepzures and sleep walking are not the same thing because you need to stay in bed for it to be a sleepzure. wow, did you see paul’s sleepzure last night? he accidently punched me […]

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    no f-ck given. literally do not care. like hillary clinton doesnt care. i don’t give a hillary f-ck if you vote for donald.

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