sammi is normally a brunette with brown eyes. sammis are the kindest people on the earth. if your friends with a sammi don’t lose her she is an amazing friend and cares for you like your her fam. sammis have beauty on the inside and out. they are the best friends and girlfriends all boys want her and all girls wanna be her.
boy: boi sammi is so hot

girl: i wish i was her
a girl that is funny, likes to drive around and acts like a kid. very s-xually driven.
“did you see that sammi girl today?”
“yeah she was driving like a right tw-t, must have been s-xually frustrated!”
the best friend a guy could have. shes very pretty inside and out. she will always have ur back. sh-ll always come up with the best ideas. shes very sweet and caring (shes a bit a motherly figure). shes an amazing friend and shes super fun to hang out with.
shes a total sammi. im so glad im friends with her.
a cute, super s-xy fun chick who lives several states away that you like.
i talked to a sammi last night, she is so hot!
-best gf ever
-prettiest smile
-knocks guys over with a look
dan’s girlfriend is really sammi.
sammi’s are usually small asians. they’re beautiful, witty, smart, cute, creative and just great fun to be around. sammi’s are the best friend for a girl and guy too have because they’re trustworthy, faithful and you know she will always be there for you.

when they’re in a relationship you couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend who is willing to stick by you.

they are usually hyperactive and fun but if you get on her bad side she will not hesitate to put you in her place. she stand up for what she believes in and will always be there for her friends.

you can count on a sammi like you can count on your comphy bed being there for you.

allot of girls are jealous of her beauty. she can silence a room just by walking in. all the guys wanna be her boyfriend and all the girls just wanna be her.

if you have a sammi in your life, do not lose her, hold onto her for whatever it takes, she’ll be the best friend you’ve ever had.
girl 1: oh look at sammi!
girl 2: i wish i was her.

guy 1: sammi is such a babe!
guy 2: her boyfriend is one lucky lad.
sammi is cool
sammi is amazing
full name: samantha

probably one of the most amazing girls you’ll ever meet. anyone friends with sammi should be honored, for this is a girl who will always have your back and will be the one, true friend you need. sammi is a truly beautiful human being, inside and out, and anyone who really knows her will never want to lose her. she has one of the best hearts, and though she can be uncomfortable around people she doesn’t know, she has an abundance of kindness that you’ll be lucky to receive from this wonderful friend.

nonetheless, never p-ss her off. her threats can be very scary, harmless as they actually are. she will never threaten her friends, though, and she will never give someone a reason to really be mad at her.

her one main flaw that gets her hurt the most: she cares too much. but you’ll still love her.
random person: wow, your best friend made that for you?
me: yep! isn’t sammi the best?
random person: …i wish i had a friend like sammi.

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