improper pr-nounciation of the word “sasquatch”.
on the canadian tv show “the trailer park boys” the character named “bubbles” pr-nounces sasquatch “samsquanch”.
a person who is a staunch samsung fanboy, who will troll articles that have anything to do with apple products.
hey look there’s an article about the new iphone, oh no there’s a samsquanch trolling the comments.
a rock band in toronto, ontario, canada. long live the ‘squanch!
“that was the greatest samsquanch show ever; we love the ‘squanch!”
a fat, ugly, stanky -ss wh-r-. may resemble the sasquach or bigfoot
d-mn that is one ugly samsquanch!
1) the mispr-nounciation of the word “sasquatch”. 2) a stupid looking, big eyebrowed penguin in québec’s biodome i named samsquanch.
guy 1: omfg! the samsquanch is gonna get you!!
guy 2: omfg! ..what’s a samsquanch?
guy 1: omfg! you don’t know what a samsquanch is?
guy 1: omfg! go home and search samsquanch on, then come back here so he can eat you.
guy 2: omfg! ..okay.

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