the woman that your man is cheating on you with. she’s usually more of a freak in bed and will do things his wifey won’t do.
if your’e a cutie baby boy i’ll be your sancha.
a sancha is your second lady. not your wife, or your girlfriend, but your number two. if something were to happen to your wife or girlfriend (i.e. freak accident) your sancha would be there to wipe away your tears.
ex #1 “my wife is a prude in bed, but my sancha…woo wee…she’s a freak! its like that whole yin and yang thing!”

ex #2 me: “i can do things with my sancha that i just can’t do with my wife.”
friend: “like what eh?”
me: “you know like sending her home, or -n-l or stuff like that”
a social b-tterfly, athletic, imaginative. is a natural beauty from the inside and out. good in the kitchen, good in the bedroom, jack of all trade, will not tell your secrets to others, hot body, likes to make friends and family happy, loves deeply, and hurts deeply. does not settle for any kind of man, rather wait on true love. stubborn, loyal, funny
while out dancing with sancha, someone stepped on the back of my dress and ripped the bottom. she did not want to see that ruin my night so she tore hers also. that is a true friend. i still looked like a hot mess with a torn dress; she looked totaly hot and made it her own style. that is what a sancha will do for you.
close female friend; the wife you knew before your wife; in some cases, the s-xy friend who is forbidden
my sancha’s hot. how bout your’s?

yea, she’s sizzlin’.
refers to a chola girlfriend

chola= gangster
pancho: hey juan, have u seen my sancha?
juan: no ese. is she the one with the painted eyebrows?
pancho: yes compa. that’s my sancha.
a sancha is a crazy person who cannot stop talking
would you stop talking you sancha

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