people who make millions and have s-x with hot blondes

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  • Tilly and the Wall

    1. a bunch of beautiful, feisty kids who know alot more about life than most. possibly a motley of satyr and pooka wilder. no we won’t be scared no we won’t back down we will sing pretty songs about love and we will fight if that’s what it takes and we won’t back down no […]

  • tilt-a-hurl

    when a large male engages in s-xual intercourse with a female significantly smaller in size and, while standing, spins her around on his p-n-s fast enough to cause the female to vomit. i love hookin up with midgets cause it’s fun to do the tilt-a-hurl.

  • Timeflow

    the turn of random events that leads to unexpected experence. dont f-ck with timeflow “wana go downtown” ” idk lets just go to ur house” “dud….. don’t f-ck with timeflow” (they both cought aids later that night. but this still works)

  • timepants

    from the white men cant jump video game. people would shout out dumb things like homey beef, and timepants. i have no idea what it means bbanging it up high on the handle n kickin it downstreet on the flip flop timepants

  • Tim Kiley

    a guy who likes sea manatees and is also a unicorn master, he can summon fire and dance like no other a bad -ss in anyones book if there book were to read look at that guy over there he is a hippie hatin, manatee s-xin, unicorn master, dancing fool also someone who loves to […]

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