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  • Hot Thunder

    a particularly pungent, searing blast of gas from the -n-s. usually following overindulgence in buffalo wings, beer and/or ribs. “darling, your spiced pasta was wonderful, but it’s given me a severe bout of hot thunder.”

  • Carl's Jr commercials

    carl’s jr commercials feature obnoxious portions and combinations of food that are merely ideological in intent. n-body would seriously eat a double six-dollar burger with bacon and guac, but they’re advertised anyway. the goal is to affirm the macho, guy-like, over-the-top, gonzo style that currently defines american masculinity. other examples include raised pick-up trucks, calvin […]

  • hotter than a dog with forty dicks

    an extremely h-rny male we need to go to the bunny ranch because i am hotter than a dog with forty d-cks!

  • carousel pie

    1. any food containing drugs that take you for a “ride” 2. an awesome band these brownies are the best carousel pies ever! the carousel pie are such a great band!

  • Like A Pimp

    a populer southern mississippi anthem that was written by david bsnner and lil flip make dem girls get down on the flo on the flo a style of doing things i get my money like a pimp reach back like a pimp…slap da hoe i just pimped daves mom…what a noob

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