a word currently being used in barbados and the wider caribbean to describe loose, bashy, trashy, uncl-ssy and/or
“hype” behavior. scabbical behavior maybe seen at events where the majority of people attending are deemed “ghetto.”
scabbical however, mostly refers to girls, but guys are also know to behave like scabbicals.
john: “what type of ladies ya looking for tonight, edward?”

edward: “all de scabbicals!!”
phrase currently bein used in barbados and the wider caribbean to describe a loose, bashy, trashy, uncl-ssy woman , or those who dress scantily and usually attend “ghetto”events…. also known as a “loose”, sk-nk, sl-t, etc
mark: so are you going to the dub tonight?
dwayne: for sure, i need a scabbical 2 take home after

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