person who lies constantly and tries to make themselves seem cool, also a person who acts different when you are hanging out with him only, then when you are hanging with him in a group.
gooberface mcf-ggleberry: man, i am so cool, i totally made out with hottie mcsparklepants last night.
josh: no you didn’t gooberface…no, you didn’t.
someone who does not believe the still as of yet unproven arrogant theistic claim that “g-d exists” despite the total lack of empirical evidence for any g-d(s) what so ever, and despite having thousands of years head start to find any.
arrogant theist:g-d loves you!

skeptical atheist: prove it.

arrogant theist: (walking away) that h-llbound atheist is such a scoffer just because i can’t actually prove g-d exists.

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