1. a person or object that is really gross or trashy looking.
2. a person with really nappy or gross hair.
that girl is f-ckin’ scraggly or she’s got some scraggly -ss hair.
-pr-nounced (scraig), with a long a.
the scr-p paper that is left over when ripping paper out of a spiral notebook; the paper in between the perforated edges and the binding in a notebook.
it is very disrespectful of jimmy when he leaves scragglies all over the table when he rips the homework out of his notebook.
messy, gross, weird,uncombed.
gwabio your hugh jyebrows are sooo scraggly!!!
skin that is pr-ckly from hairs growing in. or a hobos beard.
will is so gay because his face is scraggly.

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