any sort of residual product left over from the original more pure or larger product. commonly, this residual product is considered less desirable then its original product, even though they are often times one in the same.
guy 1: hey man, i’m think we’re out of peanuts.
guy 2: no, i made sure to leave you some scr-ples of them at the bottom of the bag.
guy 1: scr-ples! d-mn it if i was not so hungry i would say no.
guy 2: its scr-ples man, its just what you were looking for.
guy 1: yeah i guess your right, they are still peanuts.
the cheesy remnants and occasional leftover topping at the bottom of a cold pizza box. also, can be related to anything to the leftover foods at the bottom of a container
i don’t want to eat those scr-ples i’m not that desperate
v. slang used by members of the counter-strike mafia.

to hold on for dear life.
kiss of death caught a mid-air bullet to the face during her vain attempt to scr-ple.

-ss-ssin was scr-pling after taking a nade to the face.

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