miserable ignorant track-suit wearing trash exemplifying the sh-t-encrusted population of the british isles. abusive dole-sc-m. the reason today’s elderly would rather starve away in their own homes than take a 50-yard trip down to the shops. see also scally and scut-dog.
scratters will shortly be prevalent in the uk due to their spectacularly high teenage pregnancy rate combined with the abundance of cheaply-available kfc.
someone who lives off state benefits and has never worked in their life. often overweight and can be found in town centres with 3 screaming kids and cans of lager in hand swearing loudly.
look at those scratters, they should be shot at birth.
to call someone a ‘scratter’ is a serious insult. this type of individul is known for being the lowest and most populated form of cl-ss in britain today. usually known for their scuzzyness and chav like dress wear. these simple folks unusual vocabulary normal consist of quotes like

– “scuze mate aint got 20p i cud hav for bus, ave ya?”


– “cudnt crash a f-g mate?”
homeless, smackheads, chavs ect.
dirty scruffy dole dossing b-st-rd who originates from housing estates, frequents nettos (cheap supermarket and drinks cheap lager / cider like its going out of fashion. not unknown to leave kids home alone.
n e t t o thats where all the scratters go
person of limited breeding and finance. poor white trash.
it must be benefit pay day, all the scratters are getting drunk
device for turning whole apples into apple pulp, prior to stacking as “cheeses” for juice extraction by a cider press.
there is an 18th century scratter at westons cider mill
a young lady who will be seen monday to friday clean, holding down a good job, and generally being pleasant to the older generation and young children…

… but come sunday morning after a heavy weekend with no sleep, she’s seen in state of dishevelment; possibly wearing several outfits at once; or a (probably dirty) pair of trousers and hoodie.
her weekday sup of chenin blanc has been exchanged for a can of kronenburg.
most commonly spotted on a bus or train heading home (probably a bit smelly).
“on my way home i looked a right state. i scared the old lady next to me. i had to move seats”

“you have to get used to the looks when you’re a scratter”

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