unwilling to give or spend, usually by a selfish person
she filed for a repair quote? what a little scroogey, as if she needed that money, with her big fancy estate

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  • Sareba

    something that is new, flashy, or fancy. they all say i look sareba with these kicks

  • Serier

    someone who watches tv-series very regularly or treats it like a hobby. i spent my whole weekend rewatching game of thrones for my third time. i’m a pretty hardcore serier these days.

  • Shitted In Your Mouth

    the act of proving someone wrong guy 1: lebron james won the 2015 nba finals guy 2: no he didn’t stephen curry did guy 1: whatever guy 2: yea i just sh-tted in your mouth!

  • shoes on booze on

    a rule for life: if people are going out drinking and you are wearing shoes you have to go with them. invented by nic simpkin. “we’re going to the pub, you coming ” “nah, just got back, i’m tired” “it’s the rules: shoes on booze on!”

  • smoothcock

    the way young men try to talk-up their p-n-ses to others so they don’t sound so gross and unappealing “i want her to suck my smoothc-ck?”

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