in vietnam, and in the western us, scunion, as in , to bring scunion, signified inflicting distress, injury or destruction.
used in the late ’60’s
“those gunships brought scunion on that ‘ville!”

a ville was a vietnamese town or hamlet.
the act of getting absolutely and irrefutably filthy, dirty, sick, nasty, b-lls deep in complete and overwhelming scunionisity. composed of sick + crazy + onion.
pr-nounced : scun – yun
person 1 : “hey you getting scunion tonight or what?”
person 2 : “for sure, scunion better recognize.”
scunion was a term used by african americans meaning weed, pot, marijuana, etc… it was used around the mid to late eighties… that’s what some called it when i was going to high school…
hey man,,, you got some scunion???
a low life woman. a female capable of doing anything. a woman who does not practice promiscuity.
i told my son that there are decent women in this world, but there are also many scunions.
an over the top sk-nk who likes to expose her sc-ntin a real sl-tty way.
“bill, check out the scunion over in the corner.” “did you ever see such an ugly gash”?

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