see red

to become very p-ssed off by other people’s irritating behaviours, especially to an uncontrollable level. derived from how bulls are allegedly made angry by waving a red flag at them.
i got socks off my auntie on christmas, and the food was cr-p. it made me see red, and the next thing i remember, a tsunami had hit asia.
v. to become angry (from the -ssociation of the color red with anger/p-ssion)
if he saw what she was doing behind his back, he’d see red.
the act of wiping your -n-s so roughly after taking a sh-t that your -sshole bleeds. one then ‘sees red’ on the toilet paper or in the bowl.
guy 1: man your f-ckin’ -ss stinks! go clean that sh-t.. probably got a turtlehead or somethin’

guy 2: nope aint me, i see red on the regs

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