savage. a savage.
yo, she’s a senite:

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  • bump that black ken

    m-st-rb-t-. that ho got me about to go home and b-mp that black ken.

  • gorlomi

    when you realize christolph waltz is too good of a detective exuse me sir what’s your name? oh uhhh- gorlomi exuse me what? gorlomi one more time please sir *whispers in a semi-southern american semi-italian accent* (gorlomi)

  • white trump

    when a male nuts on a chick with a spray tan yo i gave my b-tch a white trump

  • tiger party

    a social gathering involving vicodin, dilaudid, xanax, ambien and thc, all of which were found in tiger woods’ system at the time of his dui arrest. johnnie had to get dropped off at the er because he couldn’t handle the tiger party

  • dbae

    when you have a designer at your startup that you use before any other designers available to you both internally or externally. designer before anyone else. hayley, great job on these designs. you are 100% my dbae. who did these designs? my dbae? they’re great. june is not my dbae.

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