September 17, 2014

a silly and repeating flummox of speech resulting in nonsense words

well oil beel

originaly from an arrangement of words
“whale oil beef hooked ” designed to make the speaker mock a west country accent saying ” well i’ll be f-cked”
” yeah i drove the car and left it in the nearby par cark ……lol need on the beel!?

” that beel was a cl-ssic!!!!! ”

“for f-cks sake it couldn’t be simpler! i’m short on time and your here throwing beels at me w-lly nilly “!?
an animal native to the virtual terrain. the beels will roam the internet for days, searching for a victim on which to pray.

if confronted by this animal in his habitat, it is best to calm the animal by nurturing it with terms such as “leet” and “ub3r.”

for mor information on this animal in it’s natural habitat, visit
a right royal w-nker
look that beel
another way of saying b-lls. a term that has caught on in many suburbs in the northeast.
1. awh dude my beels are on fire right now!

2. hah she was all over my beels last night bro.

3. yo man your beels are hangin out.

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