a very good coincidence, often leading to something really awesome.
it was serendipity that i put one quarter in the gumball machine and three came out. 🙂
a fortunate accident.
i got lost and found a bag of money ,what a serendipity.
the action of making happy discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of some thing not initially in quest of.
‘i lost a needle in a hay stack last week, however whilst looking for it i found the farmers daughter’ – i had to consider this (as she was pretty and willing) a stroke of serendipity.
lucky chance
them falling in love was purely serendipity
something pleasant or useful found while looking for something else. inspired by a persian fairy story, “the three princes of serendip”.
i initially wanted to date moira, but she turned out to be an awful bore and she snorted when she laughed, which i can’t stand. she did however get me in touch with a car dealer who makes really cool custom cars, top quality and dirt cheap, three of which i bought within a year. that was a real piece of serendipity.
1. the act of ‘stumbling’ upon something good or fortunate. something that makes you happy.
2. store in nyc
3. a 2001 romantic comedy, starring john cusack and kate beckinsale
i was walking along the streets of new york city thinking of the 2001 hit romantic comedy serendipity when i looked up and saw that i was right in front of the small shop serendipity. if that doesn’t describe the brilliance of sheer serendipity, i don’t know what does.
finding the most amazing guy in the world while he is doing laundry on your hall.

aka, a happy accident or coincidence

everything happens for a reason.
as i saw kevin walking down the hall with his laundry i knew i had to make him mine. turns out he likes me too and everything falls into place perfectly. call it serendipity? or fate?

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