Set Trippin

a certain ‘hood, or block may be refered to as a “set”.
“what set you from, n-gg-?”
any gang violence or rivalry between “sets” can be labeled as “set trippin”.
“homeboy from projects got killed by some set trippin -ss n-gg-s from the northside.”
“take that sh-t to the street, we aint set trippin up in here!”
acting out of place or against a “set” or peer group while amongst them
johnny was playing cards with the kids down the street and tried to make up his own rules but they wouldn’t have it because he was set trippin
to offend a group of peers through the means of acting a fool or just straight up buggin out or to make ones self look bad at inappropriate times and angering an opposing party.
grandma: “happy birthday billy hope you enjoy your present”
billy: “socks again, oh man grandma you be set trippin!”

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