making an example of s-xual activities in every day life
for s-xample, if someone has their mouth hanging open all the time, they’re ready for oral s-x with a guy.

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  • shizzle bop

    1.) the good dope. 2.) code word for an illegal substance. 3.) when something is the best of its cl-ss. 1.) i got that shizzle bop! 2.) yo, you got the shizzle bop? 3.) my new car is the shizzle bop!

  • simplif*ckation

    to simplify the f-ck out of something so that even a r-t-rd can do it thanks to the simplif-ckation of modern technological interfacing, those of questionable intelligence have the power to influence the lives of others. take the author of this text, for example

  • sleelines

    the temporary deep or faint lines or streaks in your skin that are a result of good and long nap or a dreamy sleep from a hard day’s work or a stressful week or day yesterday, ryan was so wasted he took a 5 hour nap and woke up drooling and covered in sleelines

  • social apt*tude

    having social apt-tude is being able to socialize easily. he had good social apt-tude which led to a more successful political career.

  • spanish onion

    when you start crying due to the latin girl you’re 69-ing sharting in your face. person 1: hey, amigo, what’s wrong? person 2: i had a spanish onion last night, i cried for hours

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