the peak of s-xual excitement, characterized by strong feelings of pleasure and by a series of involuntary contractions of the muscles of the genitals, usually accompanied by the -j-c-l-t–n of s-m-n by the male. also called climax or -rg-sm.
i just had a s-xuire in bed.

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    so glad it is friday. so glad. this week sucked. sgiifsg

  • Shabil

    a cakewalker, shabil usually needs to be brought back down to earth. poor shabil… shabil is a cakewalker a really cool guy, who is extremely s-xy, and a very high intelligence. he is usually smarter than you. if only we were as smart and s-xy as shabil

  • Sgt Purvis

    a overly agressive seargent who’s often referred to as the enforcer by his peers. his superiors often dis-like his methods seeing them as too harsh, however he always gets the job done no matter the cost. d-mn dude your as aggressive as sgt purvis

  • shabusen

    a punch in the face or upper body. he gave me a shabusen after i had s-x with his girlfriend.

  • Shadwicking

    a generally bro rape which involves roofies and the thrusting of the pelvis. “oh man, my -ss hurts.” “yeah, i was totally shadwicking you last night” “sh-t!”

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