a punch in the face or upper body.
he gave me a shabusen after i had s-x with his girlfriend.

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  • Shadwicking

    a generally bro rape which involves roofies and the thrusting of the pelvis. “oh man, my -ss hurts.” “yeah, i was totally shadwicking you last night” “sh-t!”

  • shademaster

    1.) one who leaves their friends to go with other friends on a regular basis. (usually leaves with someone with weed or other drugs.) 2.) the master of being shady man, ashleys such a shademaster, she shaded on me everyday this week!

  • shady face

    used to describe a girl who looks hotter with sungl-sses on than they actually are. “d-mn! that girl looked hot until she took her sungl-sses off. what a shady face.” “i can’t tell tell if she’s pretty or not, her freakin’ shades are covering like 3/4’s of her freakin’ face!”

  • shar-pei

    noun. the word derives from the winkled oriental dog of the same name and refers to a p-n-s with excess foreskin to the extent that, when erect, the entire p-n-s is still covered with skin to spare, i.e. the skin is still wrinkled like the dog hence the name. this type of p-n-s is said […]

  • sharp spoon

    a sharp spoon is a person of slow wit and reaction time. the last person to laugh when a joke is told or a person whose only comeback to any sort of jest is to spout forth “c-nt” “f-ckhead” and “oh yeah c’mon then!” is a sharp spoon. once again timothy was the last to […]

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