the person who will act as an intercessor between you and g-d. he who will ask forgiveness from g-d on your behalf.
friend 1: dude, lets rob that necklace from the store.
friend 2: no! i am not gonna do this anymore.
friend 1: why? we are having fun right?
friend 2: have you ever thought who will be your “shafi” (intercessor) in doomsday? dude repent! it’s still not late.
a shortened version of the words ‘shake fist’ first coined by jasmina schnitzel, when she used it as a code for an emoticon on msn messenger. usually used between two asterisks to signify it as an action.
jasmina: “where’s the last piece of pie?”
sam: “i ate it”
jasmina: “dammit ! -shafis- “

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