shazwhoppers is something that just popped into my head. it is used when you are shocked or suprised.
person a – “this person is gay”
you – “really, shazwhoppers”

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  • shazzam

    something that should never be said to an officer of the law… “son, where’s your licence?” “shazzam!” “…son, i’m going to have you ask you to step out of the car.” what i say when i have found somthing really cool and no one is watching. when screamed out it has more of a surprised […]

  • lady boo

    any heteros-xual female who has a relationship with another heteros-xual female on a purely emotional basis, using men only for s-xual reasons. one step up from being b.f.f.’s. essentially hetero-lifemates. “yeah, amanda. she’s my lady boo, we do everything together.”

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