something that should never be said to an officer of the law…
“son, where’s your licence?”
“…son, i’m going to have you ask you to step out of the car.”
what i say when i have found somthing really cool and no one is watching. when screamed out it has more of a surprised meaning but when said in a low tone it is totally s-xy.
everyone is watching the game while you are in the corner, ” shazzam!”. total attention getter.
a word that is used just to be said, or for excitement, or just to be noticed because you are lonely.
bob: james just got stabbed with a knife
billy: think he’s o.k?
random guy in corner: shazzam!!!
it is stated that the shazzam is an act of s-xual ambush and has been done many times before with out being appropriately t-tled. shazzam is the act of a man and woman having s-x in doggy style. when the male reaches near climax, he removes his p-n-s from the woman’s orifice (be it -n-s or vag) and spits upon her back. the unsuspecting female, -ssuming that the deed is done, turns around, only to be introduced to a creamy load of sp-nk. upon doing this act, the man exclaims,”shazzam.”
“mmm, baby you done back ther-…-‘shazzam’=d”

woah! and y-ss!! and all awesome words put together.
person one : describe me in one word?
person two : shazzam!!!
to do something so great, you cant describe it.
i won the lottery 3 times in a row, shazzam!!!!
word used to express pride in the successful completion of a magic trick. word is said whilst the fingers of both hands are splayed horizontally to the floor gesturing towards the area of the illusion. (one hand above the other)
can also be used to celebrate general achivement and completion of tasks.
can also be split in to two syllables, sha and zam when denoting something that is undeniably funny, yet unfortunate. (in this way used to “lighten the mood” )
always accompanied with hand gesture
“when the sheet is dropped, the girl shall be gone!”
(sheet is dropped, girl is gone)

straight a exam results

shopping bag splits, shopping is spread over car park, muller rice rolls under car, person looks on in dejection

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