sh-ting on things practiced by hooligans and shrekans
shenangians are on the campground floor.

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  • thirst bomb

    thirst bomb is the accidental successor of “thirst ball”. thirst ball was originally used to describe someone super eager, or relentless to achieve or obtain something. unfortunately many people misunderstood the original word phrase and replaced it with “thirst bomb”. most of those girls on instagram are “thirst bombs” / “thirst b-lls” someone exploding with […]

  • tacky tourist

    bermuda shorts. hawaiian shirt, socks with sandals, camera hanging around neck. hat wow he’s a tacky tourist

  • claplopsis

    claplopsis is an image or description of what a person believe their soul to look like. a synonym of “spirit animal”. i watched the shrek is love, shrek is life videos and realized shrek was my claplopsis.

  • salanitro

    a f-ck-ng god who can transform goats into sea tutles and exotic animals. did you see salanitro? he f-ck-ng turned that goat into a f-ck-ng sea turtle with a huge c-ck!

  • watered down hipster

    a person who likes non-mainstream music, dresses fashionably, probably digs craft beer and brews their own fancy coffee, may or may not own a record player, and possesses other characteristics that are typically -ssociated with a “hipster” except they are not pretentious, annoying or extreme about it. thus, they are rad, interesting people that i […]

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