while you are taking a sh-t and when the t-rd hits the water and the water touches your -sshole.
ahhhhhhh! i just got a sh-tsplash from the toilet water touching my -ss!
that nasty eruption of toilet water that hits your -ss after a sh-t dives into the toilet.
you may or may not feel sh-t splash if you just ate at cici’s pizza (diarreah).

also, if you p-ss before sh-tting, you will get the sh-t splash and p-ss combo.
the back rim of the toilet underneath the toilet seat. often sh-t splashes back there and sticks, especially during diarrhea dumps. many people will not even bother to wipe the sh-tsplash off after blasting out a diarrhea sh-t – to the disgust and dismay of the next person that needs to use it. this word is derived from the term “backsplash” – the wall in the kitchen between the counter and the bottom of the cabinets where prepared food will often splash against during preparation. however – in this case – its sh-t splashing against it.
joe took a dump in the public bathroom in the mall – it was a huge diarrhea explosion – when his -ss exploded sh-t splattered all over the back wall of the toilet- also known as the sh-tsplash after he dumped, he flushed the toilet and sh-t residue was still there. rather than wipe it off he left it there to the dismay of the next person that used the toilet.
when you’re taking a dump and your sh-t smacks the water hard, rather than diving down, causing a splash.
man, i was in the bathroom washing my hands and then i heard a sh-t splash from the stall.
the modern anti-white bias to over represent non-whites in all media in order to avoid a sh-tstorm of controversy from the anti-white sjw crowd.
the new movie, robin hood, has been sh-tsplashed and contains actors of races that did not exist in medieval england.

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