a ‘sh-t f-cker’, a h-m-s-xual man
“you’re such a shiznucker”
“he hates shiznuckers.”

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    a quick cleanup necessity for the strip club when a stripper/lap dancer bends over in your face and sharts, leaving you with fecal debris on your upper lip. ewwwpsies. matt was in a strip club and after that voluptuous babe left him with a shizzler’s lip, he pulled the shizzler’s hanky out of his pocket […]

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    a band/drillteam/tallflags in torrance which is made up of highly skilled musicans/dancers/flagpleople. this band compeats in compitions far away, which means many perverted bus rides. the flutes in the band are super skilled and out-play any trumpet. the entertainment unit gives up a week of their summer to practice, and is outside in the fog […]

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    door mat or rug; used as a pejorative. that new guy is such a talucci. he never stands up for himself!

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