a somewhat friendly girl that is typically called a ginger on a daily basis. she also enjoys digesting starbucks and sitting on the toilet in the afternoon.
the polite shjonna took a nap after drinking her mocha p–p.

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  • mollying

    it means people are going crazy or doing the most. “you mollying son.” or “bruh she was mollying earlier”

  • guided

    how you describe your win or something that you superiour-ly. describes why you did something so well. -wins a pool match- person: “guided” person 2: “yeah i bet you were”

  • party pizza

    what rhode island considers pizza, but due to the absence of cheese and heat should not be considered pizza. the proper term should be “cold sauce bread”, due to the lack of cheese and heat. why is this called party pizza, it’s cold and there is no cheese!

  • sahia

    the hottest, sweetest, most energetic person ever. you’d be lucky to have her as a friend. she is an amazing person and will get all the guys to fall in love with her. she’s just amazing. “wow, that girl is so sweet and hot!” “dude i know. her name is sahia”

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