sweet kid (nickname short for schneider) who says the truest things ever about people and criticizes everything he has ever run into. the type of kid who takes a 3 minute conversation talking about what to do tomorrow night and turns it into a 10 minute conversation about random, but true things
“i was talking on the phone with shnoids last night and it turned into an hour long conversation; it just broke my heart to hang up on him.”
(or plural- shnoids)

this is the acc-mulative matter of snow and dirt that build up behind the tire of your vehile in the winter. it’s the stuff that makes you circle your vehicle in the parking lot, getting the toe of your shoe dirty, trying to get all of them off.
if one where to see an empty walmart parking lot during the winter, one would find that a shnoid can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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