the shockinis are easy to customize and play mini action figures! each shockini mini action figure is made up of st-rdy plastic parts but still easy to carve paint and sand without difficulty. the shockini comes with 5 accessories and a posing base, packed with 50 stickers and a customizable j-card package. the parts to form this awesomely articulated 3-inch block action figure are pre-ssembled for immediate poseable fun and customization. the pop and lock plastic ball-joints of the shockini action figures make for an interchangeable world with all future shockini products.
i am going to customize my shockini today.
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a word used to describe something cr-ppy, often a knock-off of an original object.
q: did you watch american dad last night?
a: no, man. that show is a shockini of family guy.

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