a ski with 4 shot gl-sses glued to it. 4 partic-p-nts drink at the same time.

originated from the university of british columbia.
man, i got trashed from the shotski last night!
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taking an old ski and gluing 4 shot gl-sses to the top, allows for 4 people to take a shot at the same time.
bottle of patron and a shot ski makes for a h-ll of a good time.
a ski with five shot gl-sses on it. good for bonding over alcohol.

not invented, but perfected at the cross country compound of the university of colorado -colorado springs.
bro! that shotski got me so hammered last night! you guys are awesome!
another word for a smoking method known as a shotty
dave could you load me up a shotski off your bud please?

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